Best Move-to-Earn Applications in 2022

Have you heard that exercising and engaging in other physical activities can earn cryptocurrency? True, there are several possibilities available under the Move-to-Earn program. You can set your fitness objectives and get some of the necessary knowledge from this article.

Earning while playing is a major trend in the cryptocurrency and gaming industries. It's intriguing to learn that our favorite pastimes, like online games, can be rewarded monetarily in cryptocurrency tokens. The P2E model has been successful, and now a new movement called "move-to-earn" is attempting to do the same for gaming and cryptocurrency in the interest of health.

Simply put, Move-to-earn apps track users' actual motion and award them with virtual currency due to their efforts. Weekend runs, daily strolls, and regular sports practices may all be converted into crypto with no effort.

Move-to-Earn (M2E): What Is It?

As an incentive to keep up with their fitness routines, users of move-to-earn apps can earn points redeemed for a wide range of prizes. In this way, blockchain technology is combined with competitive gaming and physical activity.

Rewarding consumers for exercising is not a new concept. After all, when Pokemon Go first debuted six years ago, it caused a worldwide uproar as players flocked to cities all over the world in an effort to catch Pokemon. The game, which is still accessible and widely played today, geospatially overlays a Pokémon onto actual locations using the GPS and camera of the player's smartphone. This allows the emergence of new Pokémon as the player moves through various locales.

With M2E apps, you may increase your earnings by moving more. In addition, you can participate in the fitness challenges encouraged by many of these platforms in addition to your usual exercise regimen. While rewards differ from platform to platform, they typically take the form of tokens that can be exchanged for fiat money or other digital currencies.

The popularity of M2E games has exploded over the past year, mirroring the growth of other cutting-edge industries like VR and AR. We'll run through the best move-to-earn apps for 2022 that let you make money on the side, and you can start using them immediately.


What's the Process for Move-to-Earn?

Due to the straightforward nature of the model, getting started with a move-to-earn application couldn't be any easier. Move-to-earn apps collect data about users' habits by monitoring their movements with a smartphone, smartwatch, or an electronically-powered wearable. 

As well as standard metrics like several steps taken and energy expended, the data recorded by these apps also include GPS-enabled metrics like location and distance traveled. After collecting information about the user's physical actions, the M2E software translates that information into points redeemable for virtual goods within the platform.

How Exactly Does Move-to-Earn Allow You to Earn Crypto?

Fortunately, there are lots of methods to earn cryptocurrency and keep healthy. Even better, you won't always have to work up a sweat to get it. Here are some tactics;


The best method to earn cryptocurrency with move-to-earn is to become physical. After all, the idea centers around encouraging fitness and rewarding those who attempt to improve their health through physical activity. The finest move-to-earn apps compensate users with NFTs and utility tokens. 

To earn cryptocurrency, some move-to-earn apps let users generate fresh NFTs, which may subsequently be bought, sold, or traded on specialized marketplaces. The most common digital items consumers are likely to encounter in a move-to-earn game or app are NFT sneakers.


You'll receive more incentives if you're more active. As a result, it's conceivable that you'll end up with a collection of in-game objects that might be really valuable. Consider the StepN app's running shoes as an example. Depending on characteristics like rarity, efficiency, and resilience, those can be worth hundreds of dollars.. Additionally, users of this program have the option to breed fresh NFT.


Even though M2E rewards are heavily based on activity, you may still make your tokens work for you when you're not using them. Staking rewards users by merely hanging onto their tokens. Users receive interest in exchange for allowing their idle NFTs to be utilized for other platform operations. Staking is, therefore, very similar to having a standard savings account.


Merely renting your digital assets to others is another option to earn crypto-tokens from your move-to-earn experience. You can, for instance, rent out your virtual sneakers and receive a share of the tokens the person renting them makes when they accomplish tasks like fitness challenges and marathons.

How to Choose the Best Move-to-Earn App

Here are a few indicators to watch out for when choosing the best move-to-earn game or app.


Make sure your app appropriately measures your physical activity before anything else. Different apps record data differently, which might result in over- and underreporting. It should go without saying that this is not ideal, particularly given the fact that your rewards depend on it.

User Experience

No one enjoys the time spent trying to figure out how to operate unfamiliar computer programs or video games. An intuitive layout is essential for winning over first-time consumers and earning their trust. An excellent winning game strategy should be intuitive.

Easy Sign-up

We all want to start using the juice immediately without wasting too much time filling out our personal and other KYC information. Unfortunately, some cryptocurrency apps may deter users by complicating the sign-up process, but the best ones will have recognized the advantages of keeping it simple and quick.

After sharing this information with you, it's time to learn how to earn and what games and applications are worth looking at right now.

Top Move-to-Earn Games In 2022 that You Should Try


One of the newest and most popular cryptocurrency fitness applications is STEPN (GMT) and it starts off our list. This self-described "Web 3 lifestyle app" was introduced in December 2021; as of July 2022, STEPN  had approximately 3 million daily active users and had generated an astounding $122.5 million in profit in just the second quarter.

STEPN is a Solana-based move-to-earn app that rewards users for walking, jogging, and running. Players need to purchase or rent a pair of NFT sneakers to earn crypto on STEPN. These NFTs can be traded on the secondary market, and in the past, they have been able to fetch impressive price tags, ranging from $400 to $100,000. Through the Green Satoshi Token or GST, users of this Dapp are rewarded in STEPN's native cryptocurrency and dual token economy. After a successful performance in March and April, STEPN is now available on Coinbase and Kraken.

In addition to getting exercise, players can try to mint new sneakers, open loot boxes (also known as mystery boxes), and win various NFTs as they successfully complete the app's various game levels. Mystery boxes can either be filled with gems and minting scrolls to aid mint new pairs of sneakers, or they can be empty. Additionally, Stepn's collaboration with well-known sportswear brands like Asics has helped to increase the value of mystery boxes. 

STEPN has distinguished itself for its "Social-Fi" features, which aim to build a dynamic community around health and fitness in the blockchain space rather than just as a fitness tracker that pays its users.

When reviewing the finest move-to-earn applications available, STEPN comes out on top for all of these reasons (as well as its user-friendly UI).

Want to find out more about STEPN? Please check the Play2Earn City game page!

Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

With over 100 million users worldwide and the distinction of being the most downloaded Health and Fitness app, Sweatcoin (SWEAT) is already a household name in the fitness app industry. You are urged to move more and maintain a healthy lifestyle under the move-to-earn approach. The native coin of the program, SWEAT, is yours to keep for every 1000 steps you take.

The good news is that Sweatcoin has a sizable in-app marketplace where you can quickly exchange your tokens for a wide range of health and fitness products, including exercise gear, electronics, and gift cards from some of the 600 brand partners associated with the platform.

Tokens were exchanged through the app for $71 million worth of goods and services during the first quarter of 2022.

To grow the Sweat Economy, Sweatcoin announced earlier this year that it would be creating the Sweat token in collaboration with NEAR Foundation. Users can trade their in-app Sweatcoins for Sweat tokens at a Token Generation Event (TGE) sometime in Q3 2022.

Leading blockchain investors Spartan Capital, Jump Capital, and Electric Capital supported its most recent round of funding.

To find out more about Sweatcoin (SWEAT), go to:


With a unique perspective on previous M2E games, Genopets (GENE) lets players nurture their virtual pets and utilize them in conflicts with other players in exchange for GENE tokens, much like Tamagochi and Pokemon Go. Your ability to care for your digital animal and watch them develop over time will be better the more active you are.

You must finish daily tasks to upgrade your Genopet, which can be anything from taking it on a walk outside to engaging in PvE combat. After that, you can purchase and sell Genopet NFTs in the market based on your activity, much like you would with play-to-earn games like, say, Axie Infinity.

There are two tokens needed to operate Genopets, GENE and KI. While GENE has staking potential and may have future governance benefits, KI is the most important token in-game Genopets successfully held a seed sale for its KI coin. Using a price-sensitive mechanism, they sold about 20 million tokens. This methodology results in a decrease in token price during periods of low buying activity and a rise in token price during periods of high buying activity. The final price of a KI token during the sale was slightly over 10 cents (USD).

This move-to-earn application is based on the Solana blockchain. It is supported by illustrious investors, most recently Samsung Next, who stated that the game has "created a novel gaming concept at the convergence of Web3 and linked fitness." Furthermore, there are plans to introduce virtual land and other intriguing features as the game develops, which will undoubtedly solidify its position as one of the most lucrative play-to-earn games of the year.

Not to mention that Genopets does not demand an upfront investment which means you can start playing and earn cryptocurrency right away.

To find out more about Genopets (GENE), go to:


The main goal of Walken (WLKN) is to encourage healthy behaviors while letting users earn rewards for the time and effort they're putting in by gamifying everyday easy tasks. NFT in-game characters called CAThletes, which are meant to link authentic physical and sporting events to the online game, are the focus of Walken.

The likelihood of converting steps into extra WLKN tokens increases with step count. This is because WLKN can be used to buy and sell in-game NFTs in the market and as prizes and a governance token.

More importantly, you'll require these tokens to upgrade your CAThletes and buy equipment that will give you an advantage over your rivals regarding the challenges and jobs you'll have to finish.

Watch out for the special events that the site hosts as well. In-game currency, or WLKN, can also be withdrawn or reinvested into the game.

To find out more about Walken (WLKN), go to:


Launched in June 2017 and developed on the Ethereum blockchain, Dotmoovs (MOOV) is a move-to-earn NFT game that rewards players for exercising and engaging in other physical activities with MOOV tokens. To provide its players with the finest gaming experience possible, Dotmoovs makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and decentralized finance (Defi).

Dotmoovs (MOOV) skyrocketed in price on April 1 after many statements were made by the project's developers, particularly about the rise in popularity of move-to-earn (M2E) apps. As a result, there were one-day spikes of up to 100 percent in the MOOV/USD currency value.

Dotmoovs, in contrast to other apps, even enables users to employ augmented reality to perform workouts in actual physical locations. Regarding challenges, AI evaluates and grades each competitor's skills, including speed, accuracy, and rhythm. You only need your smartphone and the camera feature enabled to play this M2E game. Have you done that? Great. You are now prepared to compete in dancing and football tournaments, among other alternatives, and win rewards.

Winners can receive extra points and tokens redeemed for in-game items like new avatars and upgrades. Additionally, Dootmoovs once more uses AI technology to monitor and spot fraud using cutting-edge algorithms to root out any cheating.

To find out more about Dotmoov (MOOV), go to:


Step App (STEP)

With Step App (STEP), you may participate in a friendly competition with players worldwide and get rewards for sticking to your fitness goals. This is another move-to-earn fitness app. The NFTs players must have before entering the game and beginning to earn money are called Sneaks.

STEP token is the Step App's governance token. This token uses the Binance blockchain and has a total supply of 1 billion. To play, players must first purchase around 19,000 STEP tokens. Staking one's STEP tokens increases one's potential winnings. A minimum of 4000 steps per day is required to earn incentives.

Step App may be used on Android and iOS devices alike. The user's activity, energy expenditure, and resting heart rate are all recorded by Google Fit on the Android device, which is synced with the app. The effectiveness of the user is evaluated by their actions, and they are compensated accordingly.

Users can buy additional items, such as fresh skins, in addition to this piece of fitness equipment. Additionally, users receive KCAL tokens, the in-game cryptocurrency, as rewards for completing various fitness-related tasks. Step App (KCAL) has a marketplace brimming with fantastic deals thanks to its more than 100 partners.

The finest feature of this software is its PvP challenges, which will undoubtedly result in plenty of fun when playing against other players.


Wirtual is yet another fantastic program that encourages an active lifestyle while offering attractive cryptocurrency benefits regarding move-to-earn projects. 

This cryptocurrency game, released in 2020 and based on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain ecosystem, develops its challenges in running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and working out. Users can compete in speed and distance events as well as team events. Wirtual claims to have over 120,000 registered users across 179 countries.

One billion WIRTUAL coins will be issued in total. Users can exchange their valued coins for products and deals in the app's store by collecting WIRTUAL tokens through exercise. To begin playing Wirtual, select an avatar. As you play the game, you can modify your avatar by making in-game purchases such as exclusive "powers," benefits, and even limited-edition clothing.

Compete with other users in races of varying speeds and distances that they design themselves

Decentralized Fitness (DEFIT)

As a "pioneer initiative in the move to earn segment establishing a powerful Web3 digital fitness marketplace," Defit, short for Decentralized Fitness, describes itself. This move-to-earn is a multi-chain cryptocurrency platform that uses the Polygon (MATIC) and Ethereum blockchains.

The only requirements for using Defit are to continue moving, sync your wearables, complete tasks, and challenges, and earn DEFIT tokens. Additionally, the project's roadmap indicates some ambitious plans you should look closely at.

Users of the Defit mobile app may effortlessly link their preferred virtual wallet and sync various fitness trackers using the app, which can be downloaded from the IOS and Android app stores.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're searching for a way to network, become healthier, or earn some cryptocurrency, many move-to-earn games are available to meet your needs. So with all this information,  why not pioneer this rising fitness trend and earn cryptocurrency for exercising?

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