About Play2Earn City

Welcome playtizens!

Welcome to the most comprehensive gamer’s haven where gamers can explore the very best handpicked blockchain games displayed on our shelves that will ultimately meet both your entertainment and earning needs.

Play2earn City is a blockchain gaming platform that offers players access to a wide variety of blockchain games, as well as tools and features designed to increase the users' potential earnings from playing those games. Our goal is for our platform to become an indispensable resource for blockchain gaming and to link gamers with the most exciting projects available that are a good fit for them.

Our Story 


The introduction of blockchain technology has ushered in an era of limitless possibilities across a lot of sectors from business, finance, technology, and entertainment. The gaming industry has found solace in the use of blockchain technology with the emergence of play-to-earn (P2E) games. 

We at Play2Earn City see the potential behind the P2E gaming branch in the tussle for a revolution in support of decentralization. We collaborated on this platform to help convince more traditional gamers to join the decentralization movement by providing them with credible information on an all-you-need-to-know basis when it comes to P2E gaming. Further implementing the concept of a decentralized game library that will incorporate NFTs as access to tokens is at the helm of our affairs here at Play2earn City.

Our Mission

Our goal is to broaden participation in blockchain games by empowering players with transparent, trustworthy, and accurate data on which to base their personal decisions. With our platform, you can select your favorite genre and enjoy playing using your comfortable device( Mobile, Browser, Desktop, etc), and earn while gaming.

How do we accomplish this?

  • Collect and provide accurate, objective data for use in blockchain-based video games.

  • Create a system for managing guilds and forming new ones.

  • Monitor user engagement, expansion, and on-chain analytics in web tier 3 software.

  • Custom Earning Calculators for supporting games.

  • Create premium tools and enhancements to boost your gaming revenue.

How can I gain access to the premium features?

Those who have purchased the Dwellers NFT Collection will have access to a suite of premium services and features on our site. Our premium services are also available to holders of other participating NFT collections on other blockchain networks.

These premium features include:

  • The Personalized Game ROI Calculator

For each of the available games supported on our platform, a unique profit calculator is made. The opportunity to learn more about revenue forecasts is now available to players. To learn more about when each item will be made available, you can look at the features roadmap.

  • Earning Tutorials and Quests

Users can earn tokens while learning more about the game's economy and mechanics through quests and tutorials. Earn Guides contributors will also receive rewards.

  • Scholarship and Item Stake

Gamers will have the opportunity to unlock the ability to stake items and win scholarships, all of which will let players passively earn extra tokens. Selected guilds will receive extra benefits and no price for scholarships on our platform.

  • Watch and Stream to Earn

Game streams have quickly become mainstream in the gaming industry and on Play2earn City, gamers can win awards when streaming or observing other gamers stream their gameplay. These additional rewards will also increase the earnings of users.

  • Game Meta Signals

When new games are published or the meta evolves, information or best practices are released. Take the initiative and participate early in potential projects.

  • Cross Train Trades

Gamers can effectively carry out trades and swaps of in-game items and inventories across games. All supported games on our platform will ease and improve seamless transactions for gamers.

Play2Earn City as a Community


As a result of many collaborators pitching in, Play2Earn City will flourish as a community-run website. The City is designed to guarantee decentralized platform growth while also facilitating player, developer, publisher, and creator collaboration and profit sharing. External organizations, publishers, guilds, players, and other partners may apply for a select number of these.

The community will be backed by three NFTs called City Dwellers, City Mayors, and City Angels.

What are City Dwellers?

The City Dwellers NFT holders will be the first to have access to all of the platform's earning features because it is designed for gamers. According to the Roadmap, only a limited number of City Dwellers NFTs will be made available.

What are the City Mayors?

All contributors who are actively involved in Play2Earn City development and DAO are given the City Mayors' NFT collection.

What are the City Angels?

City Angels, a collection of NFTs aimed at early investors, will reward its holders with a portion of the platform's earnings. City Angels will also profit from advantages like early platform token purchases.

Games Scoring

Quantifiable elements will be added to track progress and identify tallies across the platform for easy assessment and vetting of various games. They include:

Social Score 

Represents an overall estimate of active players and community activity. 

Earning Score 

Represents the earning model sustainability.

Game Play Score 

The score represents how well-designed for fun the game is.

We are always updating the scores to make sure our users are up to speed on the latest developments in every game. 

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