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Play2Earn.City is a comprehensive blockchain games library with tools and features to help gamers maximize earnings in games. Our vision is that our platform be a reference source in blockchain gaming and bring the best projects to gamers.

Our goal is to make blockchain games discoverable by empowering gamers with unbiased, high quality, and accurate information for drawing their own informed conclusions.

How do we do it?

  • Aggregate and report accurate an unbiased data for blockchain games
  • Create the infrastructure for Guild Creation & Management
  • Track games community activity, growth and on-chain metrics
  • Custom Earning Calculators for supporting games
  • Provide premium tools and features to boost game income

Frequently asked questions

Premium features will be made available to holders of the City Dweller NFT, City Mayor NFT and City Angels NFT Collection.

Designed for gamers, the City Dwellers NFT holders will be the first to get access to all the earning features on the platform. City Dwellers NFTs will be released in limited numbers as seen in the Roadmap.

Given to active contributors, City Mayors NFT collection is awarded to all active contributors in the P2E.City development and DAO.

As a community-owned platform, P2E.City will flourish with the help of many contributors. The City is designed to empower gamers, developers, publishers and creators to collaborate and share the benefits while also ensuring that the development of the platform is made in a decentralized manner. A very limited number will be available for outside organizations and be awarded to game publishers, guilds, relevant gamers, and other suitable collaborators.

Aimed at the early backers, City Angels represent the NFT collection that will reward its holders directly from the revenue generated by the platform. City Angels will also benefit from early purchase of platform tokens and other perks.

News or best strategies when the meta changes or when new games are released. Be the first to act and get in early in promising projects.

Custom profit calculator for each of the supported games. This gives the gamers an opportunity to be better equipped with information about earnings estimates. Check the features roadmap to learn more about the release of each feature.

Quest and Tutorials help users get a deeper understanding of the game's mechanics and economy while earning tokens. Contributors to the Earn Guides will also be rewarded.

Gamers will have the opportunity to unlock the ability to stake items or offer Scholarships to gamers and passively earn more tokens. On, selected guilds will benefit from additional rewards and no fee on scholarships.

Boost your earnings from playing blockchain games with additional rewards when streaming or watching other gamers stream.

Social Score - represents an overall estimate of active players and community activity.
Earn Score - represents the earning model sustainability.
Game Play Score - the score represents how well-designed for fun the game is.

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